Our New Website!

Over the last several years, our practice has expanded several times.  We have grown into a state-wide law firm with offices in Overland Park, Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence.  We handle bankruptcy cases from all over the state.

During that time, we have expanded our staffing and our support network.  We can accommodate a wide variety of consumer clients and we have developed systems for managing our cases.  We have several ways of getting a case put together, drafted, signed, and filed to get our clients the relief they need.

As a part of our growth, we have tried to build a website that can keep up with our changes.  We are launching this new site to make it easier for our clients to find information about what we do in our office and how we can help.

We have a lot of information for someone that is casually interested in understanding the bankruptcy process, but we also have information that will allow people to get a better handle on their particular circumstances.   We want to hear from our clients about their experience on our website and if you have suggestions please let us know.

If at any time you have questions that need to be answered please contact us.  Our attorneys are always ready to help if you need them.  If for some reason an attorney is not immediately available we will set an appointment for you to talk with one of us over the phone.  Thank you.

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